First Impression

A 20 hours travel from Frankfurt, over Delhi brought me safely and without any problems to Bangalore Airport. Before my Departure and during the flight I got more and more excited, because still I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve never been to India before and rarely had an imagination how it would be. My very first impression was while landing at Bangalore Airport (because in Delhi I could rarely see anything) the red soil of India. It has been the first time I’ve seen this kind of soil and it seems strangely beautiful to me.

red Soil of India

red soil of India

From the Airport I took a cap to the Ramada hotel. It was a very nice place to stay, everybody took kindly care of me, and the food was safe and gorgeous.

notice: as a foreigner you really have to be careful withyour foods and drinks, as you can get seriously sick of it! Due to the existence of E.Coli Bacteria and other pathogens in the tap water you must not drink it, and food made of it causes diseases as well. In addition to this source of risk, pathogens are transported by contact from cook to food, or from your own dirty hand to food. India does require some hygiene precaution… for this reason „safe food“ is a really good thing 😉

Directly after my arrival at the hotel I went out to explore the area. It was very hot outside, nearly 30° C and a bit cloudy. People, especially men, looked at me in a strange way, which was because I was still wearing my European clothes (which I tried to match to Indian norm and the result was awful ^^). People tried to tear me into their stores to sell every kind of stuff to me. Yet I haven’t figured out how to flee from them, so I was torn into a couple of shops where people spend lots of effort on trying to sell something to me and I felt bad for not buying anything. I felt more comfortable when I came to a store where they sell all the Indian dresses for woman (sarees etc.). The shop assistants ran through the whole store to get me all sorts of clothes I could probably like. That’s how I got my first Indian outfit 🙂 Outfits here a very comfy, it feels like wearing your most favorite home suite all the time, and in my opinion they look „absolut fantastic“ (no false spelling: It’s a Roach family insider)!

normal traffic and horse carriage passing

normal traffic and horse carriage passing

Other aspects of Bangalore which directly catch the eye:

  • Unfortunately you have garbage nearly everywhere. Anything that looks like a whole in the ground, or a corner or any other slightly not straight line is used as a garbage bin. Which ends up in garbage (and smell) everywhere. Besides the garbage smell you’ll have open drainage systems, which are only covered by the irregularly constructed pathway stone plates. Thus the gas comes through big holes in the pathways and quite often you’ll smell the decay. (I’m going to add a picture soon, so you easily understand what I mean)
  • Traffic in India is not as bad as in Beirut, Lebanon. Apparently there is no need for any marks on the streets, people drive however they are comfortable, but still they have traffic lights and pay attention to them. Besides that it may sometimes take me about ten minutes to cross a road, there isn’t any problem with the slightly structured chaos. I even think about buying a scooter 🙂
  • Indian people are very helpful, warm-hearted and extroverted. Whenever I don’t know where to go I’ll ask someone and they’ll help me find the way, or if I don’t have enough confidence to cross a street I’d simply ask an Indian woman if I can join her crossing and she’ll take my hand and get me safely across the street.
  • As a white person you are directly considered as rich. For this reason people always charge you at least double price. I still need to figure out how to avoid this…
  • Cows and dogs are everywhere. They will lie down in the middle of the road and everybody would avoid disturbing them in their peaceful rest.
  • Bangalore is amazingly green. You wouldn’t guess you are right in the centre of a 4, 5 million people town because there are trees and parks everywhere.

Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to visit the numerous palaces, parks, lakes and museums yet. Currently my daily office time is from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and I’m quite busy looking for another apartment and arranging all my stuff. But this weekend I’m surely going to have some time for sightseeing and some more blog posts 🙂

Here you go some more pictures:

you see the building under construction? the scaffolding is all made of bamboo sort like wood

metro line, people waiting and tuktuk passing (down here in the south people call them tuktuk, in the north it’s rikshaw)


4 Gedanken zu “First Impression

  1. Hey Emma,

    When ever you will try to hire a rickshaw always try to bargain at least 75-100 rupees…you can get the Tariff card of rickshaw also in some stationary shops..but most of the rickshawala’s give an approximate cost to reach the desired destination..Most of your initial readings & observations are right..!! (y) I am happy that as a foreigner in a diverse country like India you are able make out the difference so well & quickly..

    I am still struggling with myself to get rightly bonded with the Germans properly here..even though I have learn’t the language & crossed the main barrier.. 😛 I am planning to attend a cultural difference program here.. 😉 well you will come across many funny n weird incidents..!! I am sure your blogs will be sold heavily.. 😛

    This is all I can comment on your 1st ever blog from India..I hope there will be more interesting experiences coming up from your side..!!

    All the Best n Cheers,

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