a day in Cubbon Park

This 120-hectare park right in the heart of Bangalore is one of the main „lungs“ of the city. I spent a beautiful Sunday in the park and was astonished by its huge old trees and flowers. In some parts of the park you’d feel like being in a jungle. Sundays is the typical family day in India. I saw many families having a picnic, playing cricket with the kids or lying in the cold shadow of the trees.

P1020733 P1020776

The park is also filled with all sorts of animals. Of course you’d find the all-surrounding street dogs enjoying themselves, but also funny looking Indian horses and some sort of chipmunks, which actually are spread all over the city! They sit in every tree making funny birdie noises and are very skilled in running really fast up and down every wall or tree.


a chipmunk and some entries to its lair


a Marwari: special Indian horse breed. Little, slim horses, with small chests and naturally twisted ears

That day I was pretty much hungover, as we head a nice pool party the night before. Fortunately I figured out one of the best hangover killers: sugar cane juice! Basically they take the peeled sugar cane, put them in a manually driven squeezing machine and squeeze the liquid out of it. When you have it with ice it’s a very nice, cold and sweet refresher. Maybe it is the art of killing last night’s rum with its actual source… anyhow: it works 🙂

sugar cane squeezing machine

sugar cane squeezing machine


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