Bannerghatta National Park

I am sorry for the delayed update, I have been travelling (and working) a lot during the last weeks. I worked mainly on the development of an environmental campaign, for which we had to fulfill some important deadlines. So far we’ve developed enough to hand the concept development, business plannig over in more professional hands. But some decisions still aren’t made and co-working over boundarys isn’t always as easy as initially thought.I am going to start my „own“ sanitation project on urban sanitation in slums. Until tomorrow I’ll have to develop the basic concept and then start a little market research in some slums in and around Bangalore. As soon as I’ve written a draft of the concept I’ll try to explain you the basic points.

Anyhow, here are some pictures from a lovely daytrip to Bannerghatta National Park. Basically it’s a Zoo on the outskirts of Bangalore, where you can also make a „Safari“ through the cages of the lions/tigers/bears etc.

This little monkey enjoyed the lovely sunny day, just like we did. The baby monkeys were very curious and observed us just like we observed them.

Monkey Family

monkey family

On this picture you see probably one of the most comfort conscious animals in the world: buffallos. They’re all slow, chill in water holes all day, get hair massage and beauty treatments by crows or other birds around… If I was an animal I’d be a big fat buffallo.


crow massage for big lazy buffallo

After walking around the Zoo we made a bus-safari, getting the opportunity to see lions, bears and tigers. Bus-safaris, just like any other tourist event in India, run after a very easy principle: try to take a picture of the animal (no matter which angle, or part of it), or even better: take a selfie of you and the animal in the background and move on.

Tiger fight

tigers fighting about who gets the nicest spot in the pond

Bear welcoming guests in his cage

this bear welcomed his guests in person



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